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Craft beer industry has room to grow in Louisville area

It takes little more than a casual glance to realize something is bubbling in the Louisville beer industry of late. A couple of new brewhouses are on their way in, established brewers are looking to expand and new Louisville-made beers are hitting store shelves locally and beyond.

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Meet Kentucky’s new King of beer…

When nine Kentucky breweries got together nearly two years ago to form the Kentucky Guild of Brewers, the goal was a unified organization that would provide a singular voice with which to promote their beers, breweries and events.

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Pursuing Their Passions

Step into any local restaurant and you may not initially notice the finer details: the aroma resonating from foreign spices, the positioning of the tables and chairs, even the paintings hanging on the walls. Often times these details are part of a mightier undertaking by one person who decided to pursue his dream of starting his own business.

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What’s on tap for Louisville’s beer scene?

Matt Fuller, Vince Cain and Zach Barnes are working their butts off these days. On a recent Saturday afternoon, Fuller and Cain, along with a couple other helpers, were busy building out a 3,000-square-foot space in the Highlands in preparation for opening Great Flood Brewing, their new craft brewery.

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4 New Breweries to Look Forward to in 2014

This local craft brewery is opening in Douglass Loop at 2120 Bardstown rd, right in the heart of the Highlands and will be offering rotating ales. According to 502brews blog, the brewery will have a capcity of 120, with bar seats, standing tables and plenty of open and inviting space. Another great place to look forward to!

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