Our Brewery

Our story begins...

Our story begins in January of 2012. There we were, standing in the backyard with a few of our college buddies and our brand new 5-gallon homebrew system. Inspired by our favorite local waterholes, such as Cumberland and BBC Taproom (poor college kids love $5 growler fills!), we set out on a mission to learn the art of craft brewing. We were immediately hooked. As curious business and entrepreneurship students who were stuck in “entry-level” desk jobs, we naturally started to ask questions about the business of craft beer: “Is there room for more breweries in Louisville?” “How would we go about starting a brewery?” “Could we really make a living as professional brewers?” In a few short months we threw caution to the wind and signed on our amazing building on the corner of Douglass Loop and Bardstown Rd. From then on the time flew by and on April 11th, 2014, we opened our doors to the public…and the rest is history. Stop by the brewery, we’d love to tell you about how our dream continues.

The Team

Vince Cain

Owner/Marketing, R&D

Quietly trying to hand out his card to every Louisvillian. He manages the marketing and taproom logistics for the brewery. Home brewed with Matt and helped create some of the original Great Flood beers.

Zach Barnes

Owner/Numbers Guy

Came into the fold as a wine-sipping financial specialist and has grown into an accomplished brewer and beer enthusiast.

Matt Fuller

Owner/Head Brewer

The man behind the beer. Louisville native who, along with Vince, started home-brewing in early 2012. He pursues the perfect pint and loves process-control; a great combination for a young brewery.