Meet the Great Flood Team: Michael Simmons

In our latest edition of “Meet the Great Flood Team,” we’d like to introduce you to co-taproom manager Michael Simmons. There are a lot of great things to know about Michael, including a wealth of travel stories and an epic video game collection. For starters, though, let’s talk about how we lucked out on landing […]

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Tsunami Mango IPA, a brewery collaboration by Great Flood Brewing and Carson's Brewery

It’s a Mango Tsunami!

A few weeks ago, we headed to Carson’s Brewery in Evansville, IN, to work together on a new mango IPA. If you’re not familiar with our downriver friends, they’re definitely worth checking out next time you’re headed west! Founded in 2013, they have a 20 BBL system that they use to produce a pretty stellar […]

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The new brewing equipment at Great Flood

Expansion Update: The Hot Side is Here!

It’s been a busy week at the new Shelby Park facility! On Tuesday, we finally received our brand new hot side, including a mash tun, boil kettle, heat exchanger, and platform (all courtesy of Bridgetown Brew Systems). The hot side of the brewery is where we will utilize three of the four brewing ingredients (water, […]

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Pearce Shanks, member of the Great Flood Brewing Company team

Meet the Great Flood Team: Pearce Shanks

Artist. Chalkboard Maestro. Taproom Manager. In this week’s post, we wanted to take some time to introduce you to one of the fine folks who makes up the Great Flood team. You can expect a few more of these in the coming months, but first up is the German music-listening, Mario-painting, Ludacris-meeting Pearce Shanks, one […]

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Great Flood Brewing Company's new brewing equipment being unloaded..

Expansion Update: Brewery Equipment’s Here!

Welcome to our first expansion update! Things are moving along quickly at the new building, and what was once empty is looking more like home. This is, of course, mostly thanks to the new equipment you see above. We’re now the proud owners of six 30 BBL (BBL=31 gallons) fermenters, a 30 BBL brite tank, […]

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Welcome to the Great Flood Blog

Since Day 1, we’ve loved talking to you about what’s going on at the brewery. Whether through social media or at the taproom, it’s been great getting to know you, listening to what you think about what we’re rolling out, and working together to build a community with one another. And, with how much we […]

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