flood week 2017

Flood Week 2017

When we set out to name our brewery, we had lots of ideas. From our last names to UofL and anything in between, we threw around pretty much every idea we could conjure. It wasn’t until we learned about the Great Flood of 1937, though, that one stuck. As tragic as it was, it brought […]

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can reveal

Expansion Update: The Cans Have Landed!

We took a couple weeks off, but we’re excited to come back and start 2017 with a bang by unveiling our new can designs. Having this in-hand means a lot to us. It’s a reminder of the people we’ve met, groups we’ve collaborated with, beer we’ve brewed — everything, really, that’s made Great Flood the […]

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You survived the holidays. Come celebrate!

We love the holidays. From buying gifts to spending times with family and friends, this time of year is an opportunity to kick back with those who mean most to you and prepare for what the coming year has in store. But, between the travel, food, cold, and all-around craziness, it can get exhausting. Fortunately, […]

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Photo of Great Flood boxes and cappers as a part of our latest expansion update

Expansion Update: We’re All Set!

Holy cow, guys. It’s been awhile since we’ve told you what’s going on. To put it simply, everything’s pretty much ready to go, and we’re really just waiting on our licensing to come through so we can start brewing. In the meantime, though, we’re keeping busy and readying ourselves for when we can hit the […]

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Event Spotlight: We’re Throwing a Christmas Party!

If you didn’t get a taste of our holiday excitement when you read about our new holiday gift box, we’re hoping you catch it this Saturday, December 10th, when we host our annual Christmas party with our friends from West Sixth, Naked Hummus, and Archetype Coffee Company. As in years past, we’ll be tapping West […]

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Great Flood’s Holiday Gift Guide!

We love the holiday season just as much as anyone else, but let’s face it. Shopping can be rough. Everyone wants to find the perfect gift for folks in their lives, and sometimes, figuring out what that is just isn’t all that easy. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a handy dandy guide to what you […]

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Games on Tap Louisville

Games on Tap: Thanksgiving Edition!

Can you believe it’s the holiday season? It seems like just yesterday we announced our expansion, but it’s been eight freakin’ months. And, as much as we love hanging out on our back patio on a warm day, there’s little denying that it’s winter. The air’s starting to cool off, decorations are making their way […]

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Stories from the Vault: Picking a Brewery Name

We love telling you about what we have going on at the brewery. Heck, we started this blog to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening with our expansion. As we thought about these things, though, we realized that we’ve sort of neglected to tell you about our past. So, without further ado, we’d like to […]

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A Veterans Day Thank You From Great Flood

Great Flood stands for lots of things. Community. Friendship. Fresh, local beer. Named after one of our city’s greatest tragedies, Great Flood’s goal is to not only provide you with high-quality beer, but to remember what was a defining moment in Louisville’s past. What stands out about the Great Flood of ’37 isn’t just the […]

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Zach and Matt hanging out with Braxton and Ethereal's brewers during their brewery collaboration

Sometimes, We Do Cool Things With Friends

We love collaborating with folks from other breweries. Seeing other brewing setups helps us expand our boundaries, and there are a ton of things worth learning from so many great folks in our region. Needless to say, with so many breweries across Kentucky and other nearby states, we’re fortunate to be in a position where […]

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