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Expansion Update: The Cans Have Landed!

We took a couple weeks off, but we’re excited to come back and start 2017 with a bang by unveiling our new can designs. Having this in-hand means a lot to us. It’s a reminder of the people we’ve met, groups we’ve collaborated with, beer we’ve brewed — everything, really, that’s made Great Flood the adventure it is. At the same time, it’s a nod toward our future and the people we’ll meet, cities we’ll visit, and beers we’ll brew and continue to add to our lineup.

Simply put, we’re stoked.

So, without further ado, we’d like to announce that the first two beers we’ll be releasing in cans are our Find-A-Way IPA and our Toasted Brown Ale. While there were lots to choose from, these two have been with us throughout much of our history, and we think they represent us well as we make our way into launching our product across the area.

The Design

The backsides of the Great Flood cans, featuring the beer descriptions.

The other side of the cans, which features the beer descriptions and iconography.

As far as the cans themselves, we wanted to use the same art deco style we’ve employed since Day 1, and we’re proud of the final result. From the logo to the fonts and even the smaller details you’ll find placed around the design, we look at these as much more than a vessel for our beers; they’re a celebration of our city, the loyal customers who have gotten us to this point, and our commitment to remaining brewer-owned and producing fresh, local beer.

We also look at ours cans as telling a story. We’ve designed icons for each of our beers — a piece of toast for the Toasted Brown, and a hop for the Find-A-Way — that we think speak well to what you can expect from them, and we’ve written descriptions of each that illustrate not only what you can expect out of what you drink, but what the beers mean to us. These read:

Balancing brown malts and oats with a subtle chocolate flavor, our Toasted Brown Ale is for coming together. For friendship. For all of life’s ups and downs. Unique, complex, and approachable, it’s a toast to happiness in good times, camaraderie in bad, and above all, sharing a beer with those who matter most. — Toasted Brown Ale

It takes strength to remain unwavering in the face of adversity. This American IPA celebrates the heroes who stand up for something greater than themselves and unselfishly strive to to build a greater community. Bold, balanced, and hoppy, this beer is for those who don’t quit. Those who give all they can. Those who find a way. — Find-A-Way IPA

We’re proud of what we’ve developed, but we couldn’t have done it on our own. Big thanks to Grace Wolford and Pearce Shanks for their work on the design, and also to Adam Shaw (humblebrag) for writing the descriptions.

In the Taproom

Throughout the rest of this month, you can anticipate more news on details such as our tap handles, coasters, and other developments that’ll be making their way around town as we start getting our product out on shelves. In the meantime, we hope you come out to the taproom, say hi, and enjoy a beer or two. We have an Against the Grain tap takeover coming up on January 21st, not to mention trivia with Brian every Thursday at 7:30, and we’d love to have you out! And, as always, you can expect a slate of events starting January 25th for our annual Flood Week celebration.

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